My name is Claude Lee Sadik. I am currently based  in Manchester (UK) where I’m doing a Master in Fiction Film Production at MediaCityUK. I have a strong passion for visuals (photography / films). I love learning from more experienced creative minds and sharing my own knowledge with my peers. I am always looking for new experiences in the video/photography field to strengthen my skills. So far, most of my personal or professional production work have been done using Canon DSLRs but I also had the chance to work with Sony prosumers and Panasonic professional cameras. Regarding post production I work with several Abobe, Apple and AVID Products for video/audio editing and compositing.


My life so far has been rich in cultural experiences. I am a Franco-Brazilian born in Belgium. I moved to Africa where I lived for 7 years (4 years in Cameroon and 3 years in Rwanda) in an international context. I came back to Belgium to finish my secondary education in a European School studying among people with different european nationalities and hence, different cultures and backgrounds. Once I obtained my secondary school diploma, I moved to France where I did a first year in Media Culture and Communication. I succeeded, but thought that continuing my license in UK would open more doors and perspectives for future jobs. I thus moved to Manchester where I’m currently living.


I now mainly work as a freelance cinematographer doing short films, documentaries, tutorial videos, weddings… Most of the time I also work as an editor on these projects. I am not limited to film as I also do street, studio, lifestyle, landscape.. photography. Finally I design websites and provide personal trainings on my spare time.