A GoPro HD in Cassis

I was watching some videos made with the new GoPro HD Hero 2 the other day and I thought it was about time to finish my own GoPro editing of this summer footages. I decided to picture lock the editing and after a bit of colour grading, here's the final result.

{C}Shot entirely with the GoPro Hero HD in 720p 60fps, edited in Premiere Pro CS5.5, Colour graded in Magic Bullet Looks. It was an artistic choice to shoot at 720p instead of 1080p. Indeed, only the 720p mode can record at 60fps which is great for slowing things down and make your images looks more stable.

What I love about this camera is its very small form factor and its ability to be mounted virtually anywhere with the plethora of mounting accessories. This allows some very creative points of view! I highly recommend the LCD bacpac to frame your shots, review your videos on the go and navigate through the otherwise a bit cryptic menus. In optimal situations the images look sharp and contrasty. The construction of the housing feels very sturdy and I never feared to break the camera.

The only main downside to me is the auto focusing problem underwater which seems to be caused by the housing curved lens. This is a known issue reported on the official troubleshooting page. Here's what they say: " We are developing a flat glass adapter / housing specifically for underwater use, thus allowing for the same image sharpness that you enjoy with your GoPro camera above water".  The new GoPro still has the same curved housing though...