A week in Portugal with a Fuji X100s

I recently went to the Algarve in Portugal and rather than taking my usual Canon 5D MkIII I decided to travel with a much lighter system: The Fuji X100s. I managed to get hold of one just hours before taking my flight and I literally learned to use it on the field. Turns out, in addition to its really sexy retro look, the camera performs beautifully. It size and weight makes it convenient to carry all day long. Power it up, expose, focus, shoot, power it down. Simple. Having proper dials for shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation makes it easy to change settings on the fly without having to fiddle with the menus. Perfect when you want to quickly capture the moment. Not only the camera is a joy to use, but there’s also something about the way the Fuji sensor processes colours that just mesmerises me. Add a bit of VSCO in post and that’s it. It just makes sense. After testing out the Fuji X10 and Fuji X100s, I can’t wait to try the Fuji XT-1 !