After Effects and 3D animations

Before getting my hands on a DSLR and discovering the joy of shooting and editing photos/videos, I was into visual effects and motion graphics. And even though I'm studying Fiction Film Production right now, I still enjoy learning on my spare time digital motion graphics and compositing techniques. I'll just talk about animation in this article. I will keep visual effects for another time!

In 2009, I was asked to create a short animation that would be watched internally by an ECHO team. After blurring people faces out and removing their names for privacy reasons, I thought I could show you the end results plus a quick look or behind the scenes video at how the 3D animations where done. For this project I mainly used 3D layers, stock footages and 3D lights. I colour corrected the scenes and animated the cameras directly within After Effects. Each scene was then rendered separately and the final edit was done inside Premiere Pro.