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Creative Process

This short film idea came after watching an advert for Dior (Rendez vous). +Georgios Karakostas +Johanna Lee Sadik and I, thought we could try to achieve something similar with our own available resources. We established a basic script as a starting point and I sketched a quick storyboard to help me visualise the story telling. A friend, +Elina Koknevica and my brother David Lee Sadik nicely accepted to play the characters of this short film. I decided to set the scene on a train station for many reasons. Firstly because of the time sensitive/ephemeral aspect of them; people gather on platforms, wait for the next train and disappear as soon as it passes. The other reason is the visual separation between the two railway platform that would emphasise the separation between the two characters and hence make them unreachable.


Most of the scenes were shot using a Canon 550D with a Rokinon 80mm f/1.4, Magic Lantern and the Technicolor cinestyle profile. I shot nearly everything wide open to get as much ambiant light as possible and.. well, also for the nice bokeh. Regarding lighting we only used one silver reflector and one LED panel in addition of the already available lights. As we weren't sure how many trains would co-op with us, we decided to use a two camera setup. The 550D with the Rokinon was set for Elina's close up shot with the train coming in the background while a Canon 7D was set on the other platform recording David's side of the action with a Sigma 30mm f/1.4.

What's your view?

I Personally would have liked to capture on-set sounds to enhance the immersion / emotion but we didn't have the time or resources to do so. What do YOU think we could have done to improve this short film? In term of story telling? Feel free to use the comment section underneath! I look forward to reading your constructive criticisms.