Interior Design

I got asked to photograph the interior design of a very fancy looking lounge bar / restaurant a few weeks ago. That's something I had never done before, it was out of my comfort zone and that was enough for me to accept the job. I like challenges! 

It might not look like it but every photo you see below is a composite of 20 to 40 photos. To achieve this, I used a wireless system to remotely trigger the camera. This allowed me to freely move around the room with a flash and light every single element separately. With this technique I can precisely control how each element will stand out or blend in the scene.

If you're in Brussels and looking for a place to chill out with friends, I really invite you to check out this place! Class and cosy with a very friendly staff! L'Amusoir 

And if you also happen to have a fancy looking interior design you want to promote. Drop me a line! ;)