Magic Bullet Film - Review

As you may know, my work is evenly divided between photos and videos. And because of that, I chose to work with a Canon 5DMkIII which delivers stunning raw files for photos and very cinematic visuals in video. While the colour renditions in photos are perfect, I still find the video colours to be a bit too.. digital. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I prefer a more “filmic” look. Until a few months ago, I used Filmconvert to emulate film stock but the process to get the perfect colors was long and fastidious. However, it has become much much easier recently thanks to two things: 

Let’s talk about Magic Bullet Film today. 

It has become my go to plugin to color grade and emulate the look of film. According to Red Giant, this plugin mimics the entire photochemical process from negative to print. I don’t shoot much on film so I can’t verify their sayings but it definitely gives you a film look to your image. All you have to do is:

  • drop the effect on your clip ('m using Premiere Pro).
  • Tell the plugin how you shot your clip. In my case I set a very flat profile on my 5DMk3 so I choose: flat. 
  • You then choose the Negative stock you'd like to use (that's basically the film stock you're going to emulate)
  • Choose which Print stock you want (not sure how this works...) 
  • And that's it! You then have basic correction sliders like temperature, exposure, etc... The last slider: Strength, Let's you adjust how much these settings affect the image. 

And that's pretty much it. All the effects are being applied in real time to your Program monitor so you can adjust them to your needs, no need to render. Here's a before and after: