Review: Offload 1.0 by Red Giant

Offload 1.0

I got asked to review Offload 1.0 by RedGiant. What is Offload you ask? Well its name is pretty self explanatory. It's a very simple yet powerful tool to offload and back up your footages while on set or off set. Select your source, choose a copy destination and add a backup destination for good mesure. Press start and that's it! Offload will use the checksum-verification method to make sure all copied files are identical to their source.

The backup will only initiate once the first copy is finished and will use that copy folder as the source. This means once the first copy is done, you can safely remove your card and start shooting again while Offload performs the backup copy. The UI is very visual making it really easy to know where you are in the process: orange means copying, blue means completed. Simple yet well thought.


Real world test

I backed up some GoPro footage I shot while in Australia. Here's the setup: 

Source: MicroSD SanDisk Ultra 32Gb (with SanDisk SD adapter) -> Copy to: Macbook Pro Retina 2014 (built in SD card reader) -> Backup: Lacie Rugged Mini USB 3. 
I started a transfer of 28.2Gb (453 files) at 10:21am. The copy ended at 10:45am triggering the backup copy that got completed at 11:05am.

For more info check out : Offload by Red Giant

Now this is just a mockup but if only we could have a setup like this! Apple if you hear me...