Ultimate Vietnam

Last January, I got commissioned by the Australian travel agency - Ultimate Travel to film a commercial video promoting their new tour in Vietnam. It is a 13 days adventure tour that let's you discover Vietnam from North to South. If you're into adventure travels, I really invite you to check out their package offer as I had an absolute blast doing it!  

Now, as this is an adventure tour and you're constantly on the move to explore new wonders, you're mostly traveling by backpack. This means traveling light which is often not the case when traveling with camera gears. I really had to do some concessions in order to keep my travel camera kit as light as possible. For instance, even thought I really wanted to bring my - at the time - brand new 3 axis gimbal stabiliser, I knew I couldn't as it doesn't pack down easily and runs on battery which means another gear to charge. A luxury you don't have when on floating houses in the middle of the Khao Sok national park. Instead I took my trusty Glidecam HD 2000 (Ok, more weights to carry but also less sensitive to water damages).

Anyway, I won't go through all my gears but here's an instagram shot of what I took with me: